Ocean Earth

Peter Fend
Ocean Earth Construction and Development Corporation, 1980

peter fend

The aim of the Ocean Earth Construction and Development Corporation is research on alternative energy sources. They use satellite imaging to monitor and analyze global ecological and geopolitical hot-spots, largely for media clients. Considering the world a living earthwork, ecological aspects are linked to and interconnected with artistic aspects. Ocean Earth was conceived as an instrument for implementing the goals of the environmental art movement, directly building upon the ideas of artists such as Joseph Beuys, Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark. Through inter-disciplinary collaborations and by connecting ecological imperatives with experimental new technologies, Fend asks ‘How far can art go?’, in drawing attention to a belief that artistic research can generate productive dialogue about global ecological problems and that it can be used to develop effective solutions.

Local Fuel Production – Afganistan Iran Holland, 2009

peter fend

Maquette of Afganistan basin as skatepark

peter fend Local Fuel production - Afganistan Iran Holland

peter fend

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  1. Peter Fend Says:

    The aim is not just research but manufacture and global deployment of energy technologies that function within saltwater basins. Imaged as “landscapes” are saltwater basins, be that globally, around Antarctica, or withn the European migratory-route space (with sub-sea-level basins as hotspots), or among the inward-draining basins of the Iranian Plateau. The lowest image is of the basin of Lake Van.

    In your text, please correct the grammar: after “How far can art go” have either a comma or colon.

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