Systematic Landscapes

Pierre Huyghe
, 1999.

pierre huyghe

Installation view of a hole revealing wall painting of successive exhibition layers, 20 cm in diameter at the Viennese Secession. Like A geographical cross-section, Timekeeper uncovers and shows the successive layers left behind by previous actions (wall paintings) on the walls of the Wiener Secession. Just as the rings of a tree tell its history. Timekeeper is a caption that tells the story of its location. It allows the work of different artists to coexist. A kind of retrospective and group exhibition. 2003

“It’s very difficult to say what’s poetic in my work because it’s not something ‘mathematical’. It’s not a recipe. There’s no reason to have a recipe and say that I’m going to be poetic. I never do that. It’s rarely within the form itself. It’s more in the process. If there is something poetic, it’s poetic in the procedure . . . in the way things are made.”
– Pierre Huyghe

Maya Lin
Atlas Landscape, 2006

Maya Lin

Caspian Sea, 2006

Maya Lin