Stone Age

Stones are the core of our planet. You can find them almost anywhere in what we call our ‘natural environment’ (mountains, desserts, oceans). Homo Sapiens created two new kind of stones: bricks and concrete. Slowly they are taking over the natural environment.



Maarten Vanden Eynde, ‘Genetologic Research Nr. 3’, 2003


Genetologic Research Nr. 3 was made in France during the international symposium Art & Nature which was dealing with the river l’Hers that runs through the village of St-Colombe. Several stones out of massive blocks of bricked wall were created and displayed in the current of the river. As more and more big city beaches are being submerged by human made stones, these contemporary stones were introduced in the acient French village as a memory for the future. On two other occasions they were dispayed inside as separate sculptures.


‘Genetologic Research Nr. 5’, 2003 (40cm x 25cm x 25cm)


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