Genetic Self-Portrait

Gary Schneider
Genetic Self-Portrait: Irises, 2002

gary schneider iris
© Gary Schneider

This project stems from an intriguing offer Schneider received in 1996 to make photographs in response to some of the revolutionary discoveries that were emerging from the Human Genome Project, an international research team that is attempting to map the more than 100,000 genes that compose human DNA. Combining his interests in self-portraiture and biology, Schneider consulted with doctors and geneticists, examined diagnostic and forensic photographs, as well as X rays, radiographs, photograms and micrographs of specimen samples of various parts of his own body. Gary Schneider extends the self portrait beyond the figure in front of a camera and into the depths of the elemental nature of the individual.

Hair, 1997

gary schneider hair
© Gary Schneider

Tumor suppressor gene (MLL) on chromosome 11 and on Nucleus
, 1997

gary schneider tumor
© Gary Schneider

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